Short film about a rape victim. + View More

This movie was shot during strick lockdown in india due to covid-19 pandemic. The shots of each actor were captured separately in their respective place and none of the actors met their co-actors during the shooting process Directed by Bagu + View More

NENJAAN KOOTULA is a rom-com musical drama. Fortunately this musical drama is going to be a big breath of fresh air. This is something different in the rom- com genre. Karthick is a delivery boy who is an optimistic believer in true love, who happens to meet Samyuktha, who is crazily in search of her missing puppy. + View More

Its an adult comedy short film that emphasize on virginity, the idea of purity is used as a means to control and manipulate us into social norms. It has a very funny way of making people realize that they are reinforcing patriarchal norms about sexuality and women's worth. + View More

Two polar opposites, a righteous cop and a mysterious gangster, meet in an ideological clash. A no-nonsense police officers on the hunt to capture Narender, a smuggler and a murderer and save his daughter Jeeva. + View More

Its a romantic musical drama about love, and the power of true can change anyone and anything around them. it presents the beautiful Oceanside lifestyle of southern India, with a pinch of emotions, anger , frustration and later realization of the importance of LOVED ONES in our Life. + View More

It's a break up song , that says no pain is constant .Your life is in your hand Build it or break it and that there is always a new beginning after every endings. + View More

First hindi music video from tubelight productions. It's a short romantic music video with a tragic end. + View More

This song is all about TAMIL Language , encapsulating the contributions of Tamil culture and literature down the ages. + View More

JUST GET UP is about destruction of the world with war, pollution , poverty , corruption , starvation and lot more. somehow , we adults added fuel to this fire in one or other way or the other leaving space for our kids to grow up. this song is a representation of kids showing their anger and aggression towards us to rise up and save mother Earth. + View More

This music video represents the feeling of being mesmerized by the beauty of your dream girl , the first love of your life . The spark of her smile and the love that she spreads around ignites the poet in him. + View More

A small evacuation of Tamil Street humor, about what trauma children and women in a family of a drunkard has been through. Please stop poisoning your health and embrace life family and your responsibilities + View More

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