"MAAYAVALAI" Chain snatching is a common crime form that requires easy planning and speed. The rider focuses only on taking the vehicle closer to the target and then fleeing the next moment twisting and turning his ride to avoid getting caught. The snatcher acts at ‘the right moment’ and ruthlessly snatches the chain least concerned about how it may hurt the one who is wearing. You may get a bruise, or you may also bleed TO DEATH . Here is one such crime story that will make you aware from any mishaps that could hurt you or yor loved ones both physically as well as emotionally.


  • Assistant Directors

    Nithi Anandan
  • Editor

    Vignesh RL
  • Editor Teaser

  • DOP

    Murugan G
  • Music

    Niranjan Kumar
  • Dubbing & SFX

    Hari Krishnan
  • Asst. Cameraman

    Jagga | Suresh
  • Creative Head

    Suja Suriya Nila
  • Co-Producer

    G A Janakiraman


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