Gambling may be addictive for some people, you must know that you really have no control over how fair or honest the games made may or may not be. Important to note that the legality of rummy and other online gaming in India. + View More

Kishore, an educated yet unemployed engineer, is unwilling to accept jobs that are unrelated to his area of expertise. Soon, his mother's tragic death brings him a sense of responsibility . + View More

Life is all about the next step , keep moving forward. Streaming now.. + View More

Theera kanaa is a beautiful relationship between father, son and nature. + View More

An interesting plot depicting the life of 4 friends during the Lockdown. The comic element derives from the 4 characters and plot makes it extremely funny and interesting to watch. + View More

Humanity and human being are more important than money in life. To realize that the family lives in poverty, Siddique drives an auto for a night ride. He gets into trouble with the ride he gets that day. + View More

Its a short film about Karthik , an IT Professional who struggles hard to pursue his dream of becoming a filmmaker and Jessie, his wife who is madly in love with Karthik and strongly believes him and his dreams. + View More

Two friends who are unemployed take up smuggling business to earn money. Then a girl is kidnapped in front of them. Both change their policy and help the family of the kidnapped girl. + View More

An ambitious and cunning Police SI Ramakrishnan decides to make a name for himself by arresting someone as a "terrorist threat" from the community he loathes.. + View More

Short film about a rape victim. + View More

NENJAAN KOOTULA is a rom-com musical drama. Fortunately this musical drama is going to be a big breath of fresh air. This is something different in the rom- com genre. Karthick is a delivery boy who is an optimistic believer in true love, who happens to meet Samyuktha, who is crazily in search of her missing puppy. + View More

Its an adult comedy short film that emphasize on virginity, the idea of purity is used as a means to control and manipulate us into social norms. It has a very funny way of making people realize that they are reinforcing patriarchal norms about sexuality and women's worth. + View More

Two polar opposites, a righteous cop and a mysterious gangster, meet in an ideological clash. A no-nonsense police officers on the hunt to capture Narender, a smuggler and a murderer and save his daughter Jeeva. + View More

Its a romantic musical drama about love, and the power of true can change anyone and anything around them. it presents the beautiful Oceanside lifestyle of southern India, with a pinch of emotions, anger , frustration and later realization of the importance of LOVED ONES in our Life. + View More

It's a break up song , that says no pain is constant .Your life is in your hand Build it or break it and that there is always a new beginning after every endings. + View More

First hindi music video from tubelight productions. It's a short romantic music video with a tragic end. + View More

This song is all about TAMIL Language , encapsulating the contributions of Tamil culture and literature down the ages. + View More

JUST GET UP is about destruction of the world with war, pollution , poverty , corruption , starvation and lot more. somehow , we adults added fuel to this fire in one or other way or the other leaving space for our kids to grow up. this song is a representation of kids showing their anger and aggression towards us to rise up and save mother Earth. + View More

This music video represents the feeling of being mesmerized by the beauty of your dream girl , the first love of your life . The spark of her smile and the love that she spreads around ignites the poet in him. + View More

A small evacuation of Tamil Street humor, about what trauma children and women in a family of a drunkard has been through. Please stop poisoning your health and embrace life family and your responsibilities + View More

A micro short film about the reality of a farmer's life because of nature's exploitations. Since 1995, more than 3 lakh farmers in India have committed suicide due to poverty, debt and famines. There is little the government does to ensure the well-being of the ones because of whom we get to eat. + View More

There is a natural law of Karma that vindicates people , who go out of their way to hurt or cheat , will end up broke and alone. We bring you a micro short film inspired by the doctrines of life and one such doctrine is "KARMA". + View More

The scary haunted nights. + View More

a software engineer does an e-recharge of 1000 to her friend's mobile phone. However, under confusion, she writes an incorrect number to do the recharge and the shop keeper recharges to another number which belongs.. + View More

This movie was shot during strick lockdown in india due to covid-19 pandemic. The shots of each actor were captured separately in their respective place and none of the actors met their co-actors during the shooting process Directed by Bagu + View More

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