A micro short film about the reality of a farmer's life because of nature's exploitations. Since 1995, more than 3 lakh farmers in India have committed suicide due to poverty, debt and famines. There is little the government does to ensure the well-being of the ones because of whom we get to eat. There is little that anyone does. every year, thousands of farmers are forced to end their lives because of failed harvests. Here is our bit to make people realize the seriousness.


  • Producer

  • Director

  • Creative Head

    Suja Surya Nila
  • Cast

    Madurai Mohan, Janani
  • DOP

    Naveen Kumar.V
  • Music & BGM

    Vijay Ananth.P
  • Editor

    Arun Varadhan
  • Concept

    Paul Shyambauck.S
  • Helicam Operator

    Saravana Kumar
  • Audiography

  • SFX

  • Subtitle

  • VFX

    Four Corners
  • DI

    24 Cutz

Awards & Selections

  • Winner |Poombukar Independent Film Festival
  • Thilsri International Film Festival
  • Diamond Bell International Film Festival
  • Winner |Tamizhagam International Film Festival
  • Winner |Rohip International Film Festival

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